Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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richarddd wrote:

BTW, while we're quibbling, "Higher ISO settings result in narrower apertures, faster shutter speeds, and/or more flash power" is correct only if the camera is in an auto mode.

And if you're using auto mode, why worry about these things anyway? One of the things that puzzles me about all this is that cameras have two exposure controls (shutter and aperture) and a 'configuration' control. The various refactoring of these with auto modes don't reduce the number of controls, just reassign them to things that are supposedly easier to understand. What I've never understood why managing exposure using (say) f-number, exposure compensation and ISO  (or for that matter program shift, EC and ISO) is supposed to be easier than using f-number, shutter speed and ISO. If you're just using the Auto mode without shift or EC, why worry about what the components of exposure mean.

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