Nikon D800 + SB910: confused by how off camera flash works

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Re: Nikon D800 + SB910: confused by how off camera flash works

I am assuming by saying "my results are all over the place" you mean exposure wise. Here are two possibilities:

1. TTL: you need to be aware that in TTL mode your flash output will vary from shot to shot, even though not much has been changed. I doubt this is the reason you got underexpose, TTL is not that bad, but switch to manual mode in flash just to be sure.

2. not enough flash power

In 6 pics here 4 of them are clearly underexposed, their exposure settings are f/2.8 1/640s; f/2.8 1/3200s; f/4.5 1/800s; f/11 1/320s respectively. That means your flash in working in high speed sync mode, depends on the distance between flash and you, the flash may not have enough power to illuminate. The other two are f/2.8 1/250s and f/4.5 1/250s (non high speed sync) they seems to have proper exposure. To test this, run the test again in manual flash at full power, repeating the same exposure settings and flash-to-subject distance. You will see why your exposure is off.

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