Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Re: Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

SirSeth wrote:

Now that the camera is launched are your views on the implications any different?

Are we seeing the future or do you see it as a hashed over stripped down pathetic attempt at re-marketing the past?

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What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?

I still think that any implications on Oly's E system, from the Canon 100D, is dependent upon the form factor of the new E.  If Oly comes out with an E-7 that is similar in size as the E-5, then I think Oly is back to marketing in its own little world, mostly inhabited by Olympus aficionados.  If the 100D stimulates a market demand for small form factor DSLRs, Oly would counter with its mirrorless products.  This may end up helping m4/3 as the comparisons should be favorable for Oly.  But the new E (if it is large) would be left out of the party--standing in the corner, with its own little clique.

But if the "E-7" takes a small-size form, then I still think there is an opportunity for Olympus to revive its marketing message of producing innovative, high-feature products in the DSLR segment.  I know Canon will be putting marketing dollars into the 100D.  But I don't think they're planning to build a family of small DSLR products.  They're segmenting the camera market by equating the mirrorless segment NOT as a "compact camera system" segment, but as the "small, entry level" segment.  So I don't think they're going to offer a full range of small DSLR products.  If you want something more featured than a 100D, you would need to "up-size", to stay with Canon.

So if the E-7 is small--say E-5xx size, or even E-4xx size with add on grip option--then it would be an attractive up-market product in the small DSLR segment.  It would be (arguably) the ONLY high-end product in that segment, with small-size, high-end lenses.  Hopefully, Olympus would be able to piggyback off of Canon's marketing dollars for the 100D.

I think the Canon 100D's miniaturization puts it a little ahead of Oly's past E-4xx products (probably).  But the E-4xx series is a five year product line.  I would think that Oly can still out miniaturize Canon if it put its resources behind it.  This is a core competency of Olympus.  Maybe that is why Olympus never followed up the E-5 with a simple sensor upgrade--they've decided to stay true to the company's innovative history, and not just milk the installed base with one last iteration (I am hoping).  So I think a small, high-end Oly DSLR with true Oly R&D behind it, could be a very exciting product in 2013--especially if Canon is making a push for people to look at small DSLRs.

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