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Re: Comodo Internet Security (free version)

skyglider wrote:

You and the link you provided including reviews by languy99 has convinced me to give the free version of Comodo a try.

Yep..... The reviews by languy99 can be a bit long and boring . But, he uses very fresh malware samples (since most products don't do very well with brand new malware), and performs very thorough reviews.

If you look at the protection he uses, Comodo is his primary protection (and the same thing applies to malwaredoctor (the reviewer of Comodo I linked to earlier).

You'll also find that Comodo's Killswitch software is often used by reviewers to determine anything malicious running in memory, even when their using or reviewing other products.

Do you know if installing Comodo Free on a Win8 PC will automatically disable the built-in Windows Defender? I read a MS blurb that says that's what happens but would like your input in case you know something about this.

You'd have to check to find out (and if they're enabled, it's easy to disable them).

I was running Avira Antivir Premium for a long time (since it's signature based detection is extremely good). Just look at some of the av-comparatives tests for examples, where it was near the best, and products like Microsoft Security Essentials was near the bottom. See their latest test like that here:

But, it's zero day protection against previously unknown malware was lacking (as is true with most AV products).

So, I also ran the Comodo Firewall product, which had the same "default deny" protection as their other products like the one I suggested, as well as Threatfire (which uses more advanced heuristics to make sure unknown threads can't do things like modify registry entries, etc.).

But, over time, I found that the more advanced signature based detection offered by Avira, combined with Threatfire, were just a waste of resources. IOW, Comodo Internet Security is going to block anything it doesn't recognize by default anyway, either isolating the programs in a sandbox, or removing them.

So, when my Avira Premium (paid, not free) subscription was due for renewal, I dropped it, and switched to using Comodo alone (since it's going to protect me just a well as using multiple products, even if it's signature protection isn't quite as good as Avira's (and even that is subjective, as Comodo seems to do very nicely at detecting brand new malware from tests I've seen, whereas products like MSE may take weeks to add new malware to signatures).

There are pros and cons to any of them. But, I'd take Comodo's "default deny" protection over any other product's signature based detection, as it's not going to let programs it doesn't know about infect your PC using it's defaults, even if those programs are not detected by Comodo as malware (as it's going to "sandbox" unknown programs, even if it doesn't detect them as malware, until it can more thoroughly analyze the software to determine if it's malicious or not)

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