Camera bags vs backpacks

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Re: Camera bags vs backpacks

kevinnewlove wrote:

That's my biggest problem. When hiking I don't want things dangling around my neck, hanging from my shoulder, or in my hands. So I guess I would like a backpack with easy access. Sounds like there are lots of options out there that get the job done. I guess I don't mind stopping and taking the pack off as much as I mind having to dig through it to get my camera out.


I you go hiking a lot then I would suggest the lowepro sports backpack among others that are meant for active photograhers. For ease of access the are a lot of models from diff manufacturers that you can get to your gear without having to take the bp off your back. You normally swing the bag to the front and access via side pockets (L&R on some models) or the back like the lowepro Flipside 15L AW. Not sure how much gear you take along with you and what lens you have on your body but here's some recent posts with good info I think

For long hikes I'd get one with a waist strap and I like the 3N1s or L&R handed sling +bp configuration offered by Kata and Tamrac.

Hope this helps.

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