Prints on glossy paper turn out slightly dark

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Prints on glossy paper turn out slightly dark

Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I have not been able to find this topic by searching: but please point me to relevant threads if I missed them.

I have a Canon Pro 9500 mark II, I use a calibrated monitor (with huey pro) and self made ICC profiles (made by myself with Colormunki). I am using LR 4.3 on windows 7.

I obtain very satisfying results when printing on matte papers (for instance hahnemuhle photo rag ultra smooth): the result is inline with the monitor, with the Soft proofing feature of LR and the what is more the final result is excellent according to my taste. I am learning a lot on photography by printing, and matte paper is giving me satisfaction.

All this shows (I hope) that my workflow is more or less OK.

My problem is when I print on glossy paper: Hahnemuhle Photo rag Baryta or Innova FibraPrint Ultrasmooth gloss. It seems to me that the result is always "darker" than expected, I often find out that shadows are deeper than I wished for, and blacks are... blacker than expected. What is worse, I am not "100% satisfied".

I have tried to dial in a "+10" brightness in LR (in the print module): the resulting print has been "better", according to my eye. I don't find this solution the best one, since by definition I cannot see the outcome of the adjustment: maybe +10 is enough, maybe sometimes it should be +15 or +5, who can tell?

So I wonder: is such a behavior to be expected when printing on glossy paper? Is there something that I could try? I am thinking that maybe I should print the Colormunki test prints (both the first and the second) and leave them to rest for 1 day (or more?) before measuring them? When I did the calibration I waited for the canonical 10 - 15 minutes but I see that this paper can require a much longer time for stabilizing.

I am left with the impression that I am using this printer and this paper in a suboptimal way, so I am open to suggestion about things that I could try.

By the way, before buying the CM I used the ICC profiles. It has been a long time since I used them, but I recall that the results didn't excite me. Soon after I got the CM and... here I am.



ps: I am not 100% satisfied but the prints are very nice all the same IT's just that I "know" that this printer and this paper could be better!

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