A great camera for nearly anything.

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Y Hafting
Y Hafting Contributing Member • Posts: 787
A great camera for nearly anything.

Coming from the 30D and having used the 5dii, i had found the 5Dii AF much more of a hit an miss than i could tolerate. The 6D is about the same AF speed, but the hit rate is better and the low light performance is as good as you get.

The camera doesnt get full score for Kids/pets because there are faster AF available, which will be handy for kids & pets. However the good low light performance, and the silent shutter is awesome for candids and indoor shooting. The shutter noise for this camera is very little, even without the silent mode. 5dii is rolling thunder in comparison. The auto ISO is great for quick changing environments, and great to use with manual mode, the only hinge is the lack of +-EV in manual (it is a bit of a mystery why canon left this one out).

For proffesional action/ sports photography there are better alternatives such as the 5D3. For dimly lit targets, the 6D can still be a better option. For a family father (or mother) wanting to take pictures of their kids playing football matches (or anything comparable) during twilight this camera might be a better choice than the 5D3 because of the center spot sensitivity.

For landscapes and scenery, and tripod work in general, the camera is very good. The wifi+android/ios app is a very good combo, since you can use the camera with slim tripods because you do not risk motion from pressing the shutter. In comparison to the exmor based cameras (nikon/sony) the camera does not provide the same low iso DR.

For portraits this camera is as good as any when it comes to IQ. The only drawback is that the 8way pad is a bit slower or less accurate than a good joystick. I'd love to have both. The 8way pad is better than the joystick button for menus, but worse for focus point selection.

Low light is where this camera really shines, having -3EV center focus point and excellent high iso performance. Noise is only a nuicance before ISO 12800 when viewed at a 24" monitor. For everyday photography, and compared to the average P&S, even ISO 25600 is great. The old ghost named banding is virtually gone.

If i would change anything, i would love to have a bit more customization available for the buttons, and i would like to change the aggressive NR in jpegs. I would also change the default USM sharpening to be much finer. If i was able to change this, i would likely use jpeg out of camera more. +- EV in manual auto-iso mode would be very welcome when snow is all around.

This camera gives the most desirable output using ONLY chroma noise reduction.

I believe the 6D is the ultimate hobbyist camera, versatile and relatively inexpensive compared to other full frame cameras, and excellent in low light.


Canon EOS 6D
20 megapixels • 3 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 17, 2012
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