Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

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Get zoom now, and then.....

snowboardpunk wrote:

Hey guys I plan on buying the fuji X-E1, moving from a canon t2i with a 35 f/2.

I thought I loved the 50mm FOV but I feel like I want to go wider. I initially wanted the 23 1.4 but thats not out yet. So for now, which do you think is a better option? the kit lens or the 35 1.4 or 18 f/2. I can only afford one and with the 300 dollars off right now when you buy the body makes any of these options viable.

People are saying the kit lens is amazing but is it better than the 35? The 1.4 is just calling my name I usually do street photography and portraits of the whole body, like of outfits.

see what focal length you actually end up using most. By then the 23 F1.4 will be out and should be a cracker.

If I only had one lens, the zoom would not disappoint. It's not quite as sharp as the 35, better than the 18 and better than any kit zoom has any right to be (it's not far off my 24-70 F2.8 Nikkor).

The only thing I'd miss would be the very nice bokeh on the 35, but like I said when you get a feel for what you need, get the 23 or 35 later. I would find the 23 a lot more useful to be honest if I could only have one prime.

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