Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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The future is ignoring the customer, apparently...

ProPhotoDude wrote:

I am happy to read a lot of thoughtful posters on this forum, but they seem to be in the minority as majority aren't capable of imagining the future and simply keep posting the same thing about size/price/weight, considering the 1) price will not be the factor, neither will be the size or the weight. But they keep repeating the same sad song, no matter how often they are corrected by other posters.

1) as large sensor size prices drop, so do smaller ones. There will always be a gap between a small sensor and one that is several times its size. If quality is good in a small sensor, there is very little incentive to spend more on a big one, especially for a manufacturer intent to make more profit. You ignore all these basic economic realities, quite aside from size.

We have several manufacturers with small sensor interchangeable lens cameras:

* Pentax Q

* Nikon 1

* Canon EOS M


They aren't doing it for fun. It's cheaper to build these cameras and I bet they make more profit on them longer-term. As sensors improve, so do the images from smaller sensor cameras in the interchangeable market. It also attracts the type of people that want good quality and flexibility without huge bodies and lens barrels that we currently see with bigger sensor cameras such as Sony's NEX.

I don't see this changing anytime soon; if anything I see the smaller interchangeable lens cams becoming more popular.

The size argument is far from won; we have yet to see FF mirorless designs en masse to get a more broad picture of just how different the sizes are but we already have some clues given the current products on the market and the fact that the manufacturers themselves have built small-sensor interchangeable lens designs, which is a big clue that things are far from going "full frame for everyone" anytime soon.

The future of mass photography will be just two things:

1) Full Frame

2) Mobile Phone Cameras

Hence all in betweeners that were a compromise initially will fade away.

Point A) A vast majority of pics are now taken with mobile phones. This number will only increase in the future and not decrease, not matter what some of you luddites might think.

Point B) The compacts, what we call point and shoot, or digicams, will go away due to ever increasing use of mobile phone cameras.

Point C) As price of FF sensor cameras drop, first to the $1500 mark (in 2 to 3 years) and then to $900 mark (in 4-5 years) gradually all DSLRs will be FF in the 5 year+ mark.

The future is only FF and Mobile Phone Cameras.

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