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rkodama1 wrote:

For quick access, you will want a backpack or sling style bag with side access. A few packs to consider are:

  • Kata 3N1-30
  • Lowepro DSLR Video Pack 350 AW or Fastpack 350
  • Lowepro Slingshot 302
  • Tamrac Evolution 8 or 9
  • Tamrac Aero Speed Pack 85

I am also a big fan of the little known Vanguard Uprise 38 messenger bag. You can fit a DSLR mounted with a 70-200 2.8 in this bag with quick access.

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Great suggestions! In fact I considered all of those packs you mentioned except for the Slingshot and messenger bag (its a sling with one strap right - won't be too comftable for long days/treks since a single strap wont distribute the load. However since the OP did not post a lot of criteria we really don't know if he wants to be as compact as possible or does not mind big bulky packs, comfort level, ease or access, etc... I actually am going to end up with an Evo 8 since the d600 +70-200 would require about 11" internal width or length with some bag manufacturers. Plus I also want a waist strap to get the load off my shoulders in case I pack my bag to the max. I'm aslo a lefty so side access on both sides is definitely a plus but I might end up on a right handed config since I pull my camera with my right hand anyway.

Kata-3N1-30 is huge for the gear he listed, he might be able to fit the stuff in a -20. Note that the DL series though wider than the original has actually smaller internal space. i checked with them and they confirmed its not a typo. So OP make sure you check the int. space dimensions carefully, but looks like you're mounting your shorter lens so you'll have more options.

Lowepro Video350 and fastpack 350, they are nice but again bulky Op will be ok with a 250 (11" W internal dimension) or even a 200 but I think the 200 do not have waist straps. Consider the older fastpack vs the video, I think its better in some ways. There's also the versa pack 200 (11"W int) but i would choose the fastpack over it.

Evo 8 is perfect (I hope, with 11" W int. dim) 9 would be bigger, Evo 6 is small and compact but is 9" W int. dim. not sure what OP body + lens measurement is.

Aero speed pack 85(12.25"W int) is bigger of the two side access models, the 75 would be smaller (11.25"W int.)

Hope this helps!

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