Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

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Re: Fuji kit lens vs 35 1.4 or 18 f/2

Might be worth heading over to the site: http://www.photozone.de/all-tests

They have done some tests on the 3 primes and the 18-55mm f2.8-4 in the Fuji range with an x-pro1, the results show the zoom to be more than impressive.

Of the very competitive market of 17(18)-50(55)mm lenses, the fuji has clearly the best resolution, even bettering the venerable (and very expensive) Nikon non vr 17-55mm f2.8.

The Fuji 35mm is sharpest around f5.6 and f8.

35mm is most often the weakest point of the zooms in this 17(18)-50(55)mm focal range, this is also true of the fuji zoom, though comparing the mtf graphs of the fuji 35mm prime and the 18-55mm at 35mm they are pretty close - the fuji zoom is that good.

You wont get the buttery bokeh from the zoom at 35mm that you will from the 35mm prime though you can see for yourself the bokeh from the fuji zoom is still very good indeed.

Again the 35mm prime is better for bokeh with f1.4 wide open and obviously better in low light, though the low light difference is somewhat mitigated by the OIS on the zoom which is worth at least two stops (for non moving targets).

Remember the 60mm fuji prime is likely the best of the three fuji primes so far and wide open it is only at 2.4 with no OIS.

I don't think you can loose on the fuji zoom, its better than lenses worth twice the price (and certainly better built) and in my view likely to be the sharpest lens in that very competitive (and often very expensive) focal range.

As a camera lens kit both the 35mm and 18-55mm are a gift with the x-e1.

Other stuff besides mtf resolution like distortion, chromatic aberration, fringing and the like can be corrected - resolution is a different matter so its very important. Of course I am assuming 'Sharpening' doesn't look like better native mtf resolution.

Even if you manage to collect all three f1.4 primes for the fuji after they all become available, there will be many occasions when a single high resolution zoom lens will be worth its weight in gold for the quick framing flexibility.

More a rant than a help, perhaps, though if you go to the aforementioned site you can decide for yourself - best regards and good luck.

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