adobe camera raw question.

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Re: adobe camera raw question.

You must mean that you are using the DNG converter. The converter will not erase the original raw files. Most software provided by camera makers will not support DNG. For that reason most people will retain the original files in case they ever want to use other software.

If you want to get rid of those original files you will have to do it using your operating system features. If you are using a PC you can open the folder in Windows Explorer and change the sort order to file type. That will put all of the original images together making it easier to select all of them together as a group and then use the operating system to erase them.

You can convert your images to DNG directly as you download them from your camera. Doing this will leave the original raw files on the card, making it easy to format the card after the conversion has completed. And you don't have to worry about the originals being on your hard drive. That is a good choice if you really don't want the original files.

If you are not using the DNG converter, you might consider doing so.  I don't follow your camera, and don't know if it is supported in Camera Raw.  But using the DNG converter could simplify things if you use my last suggestion.

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