MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender

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Re: MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender

VirtualMirage wrote:

How do you have Windows Updates configured on your Windows machines? Auto, manual, scheduled date, disabled?

I want to say the definitions for MSE and WD get pulled through the built in Windows Update. If this is not set to automatic or set to something like "notify but don't install" or "disabled" then MSE and WD won't get their updates.

While I have had no issues with MSE and WD, they have worked great for me and my machines have been running clean, it is a bit annoying they don't use their own updating mechanism (relying on the Windows update to pull new definitions instead).

Interesting!  I always set Windows updates to no auto updates but notify me when updates are available. I hate it when auto updates is enabled and:

  1. It starts updating my PC when I do a shutdown for the night before going to sleep.  Then I have to wait until the updates are finished or leave my PC running all night.
  2. If an auto update affects something but I wasn't aware that the auto update happened, then it would be hard to determine what caused the problem.  OTOH, when I manually do Windows updates, if something goes wrong I might be able to attribute the problem to the last update.  (Though truthfully this problem hasn't happened that I recall)


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