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Re: CF or SDHC

I have been fortunate in that I have never lost data/images from a card, so the back-up factor has not yet been of personal benefit. Even so, saving data to two memory cards is comforting to my mind.

On a practical level, I feel I am less likely to fumble and drop a CF card, than an SD card. On the other hand, CF cards engage pins that can be more-easily bent, though I have been careful, and never have bent any pins. More computers and other devices have a built-in SD card slot, which saves one the trouble of always carrying a CF card reader. I do not normally shoot at extremely high frame rates, so the write speed has not been important for me.

When using my 7D cameras at work, I have re-shot really important evidentiary images with the second camera, on several occasions, as a form of insurance against a corrupted card, or fumbled upload. One reason for me to up-grade to a 5D3 would be to have a full-frame camera's low-light benefits, and dual card slots. (My dual-card camera experience has been with a recently-acquired Canon 1D Mark II N, which is not full-frame.)

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