MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender

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Do you sleep OK at night?

Archer66 wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

It's really funny that you bash a product bc it didnt do so well on some test but the product you endorse isnt even tested in that same test.


It's too bad you have no idea what you're talking about, and want to defend MS products at every opportunity.

I've already explained how the Comodo Product works, so even if it's signature detection doesn't flag software as malicious, it's still not going to infect your system using it's default (Default Deny Protection).

You'll find a number of reviews demonstrating that behavior, as in the video review I linked to.

In contrast, you'll find reviews showing newer Malware infecting systems running Microsoft products like MSE. You don't have to dig very far in forums to find examples of users that became infecting using it either (as one poster in this thread already attested to, and you can find a number of others, too).

I probably see a lot more malware than most users, since I'm the forums admin for a digital camera review site, and we get new users posting links to malicious content on a regular basis. I've seen a number of cases where MSE did not detect it, when other products did.

I've evenn give specific examples in the forums here in the past. For example, I discussed one in this post:

Here's another post in the same thread about how bad MSE worked:

I've made more posts about exploits I've seen since then, that MSE did not detect.

Sorry if that offends you (since you seem to want to defend Microsoft's efforts at all cost).

But, I'm trying to give good advise to others to help them prevent malware infection.

As for what you're trying to accomplish, I can only guess.

In any event, I hope you can sleep OK at night, as some people have problems with that when they are giving bad advise to others.

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