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Re: Epson 3880

Brian, I think the difference in path length for pk and mk ink is responsible. The goal is to flush out the old and push in the new. A new printer profile may be sufficient, until this approach is evaluated we're printing in the dark.

Now for those who are game, I suggest they ask Epson!! After all we are still using their 'genuwine' OEM ink in 'genuwine' Epson carts--why should there be an objection?

For what we can actually test right now; has anyone verified the validity of the proposed default mode? If this functions AOK than we are finished--no 'foolin' around required!   I'm sorry I did not do so yet.

Auspic, Yes the media (paper, canvas, ...) is the switcheroo--make sure you select matte as the media if creating a new print profile.

"I suppose its silly but then ........I don't know the answer SOMEONE will tho."  WHO?????

Has anyone noticed that the original poster, ianmoodya, ranting  about his situation has not yet responded to any the postings placed here for his aid?

irv weiner

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