Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: size differences

forpetessake wrote:

Have you read this thread? This myth has been debunked again and again. Think about film days, practically every camera was FF, from tiny Canon Elf to large Canon EOS-1. We'll see the same diversity with FF sensors. If we were discussing cell phone or smaller digital cameras then small sensor size would matter, but for those sized in the range from Elf to EOS-1 it doesn't. And the fact that FF sensor removes the technical limitation of the smaller sensors at the same (eventually) price point will naturally lead to the death of smaller sensor formats.

In the film days, there was no need to manufacture a relatively expensive sensor like there is now with digital.

Of course costs will get cheaper as time goes on, but so will the cost of smaller sensors.

I still don't see it happening, and I think the manufacturers know it, so I'm surprised that people think 'one size fits all'.

Nikon's 1 system (for example). I doubt they decided on the 1-inch sensor over lunch. Same can be said for other manufacturers.

We are going to see massive improvements in sensor sensitivity/performance as time goes on and there will be less and less need for a larger sensor in interchangeable cameras and people will benefit from both cost and size differences while still having the flexibility (choice) to change lenses. In the past this wasn't possible without larger lenses.

You mention the smaller film designs: yes, there were small FF designs. But do you see those as being economical to make with digital in today's market? Nope, which is why we have millions of small-sensor designs sold every year.

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