Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

There is a pro who has shot nikon and canon professionally for a long time and is now a Canon 5d markIII user who has been comparing shots w/ his L glass and the Pentax k5iis w/ the Tamron 17-50 2.8 and Tamron 70-200 2.8 and he is saying that the tamrons are every bit as good as the Canon L series.


In his experience with printing large, the Tamrons do very well and have the benefit of being much smaller and lighter. As an added benefit, it's a camera system that he enjoys using more - so if you like the Pentax interface and ergonomics, lens options are not a barrier to using Pentax.

Regarding focal length options - really, there are quality lenses available for Pentax from 8mm to 500mm if you include lenses from third parties.  I have yet to be shown where there's a gap in quality lens choices in a given range.  So bottom line, maybe Pentax has focal lengths that are different, but who cares?  You have a comprehensive list of quality lenses that can help you get great photos.

Weather sealing is freedom to shoot where you are.  When you spend a few thousand dollars to go on vacation, you're telling me you're ok with weather stopping you from documenting your trip?  Of course there are work arounds... you can use clumsy plastic bags or maybe you're lucky enough to have someone hold an umbrella over your head, but if you can buy gear where you don't have to worry about your gear and instead focus on where you are and the moment you're in, why wouldn't you?!

I don't think anyone is saying that Pentax is not capable of great images in a wide range of circumstances.

For most people, it really comes down to features (weather sealing, more focus points, in body stabilization, size and weight), distribution (like being able to buy it f/ bricks and mortar stores or being able to rent lenses) and subjective preferences like ergonomics.  There really isn't a reason not to buy Pentax and that should be the starting point.  You look at what you want as a photographer first then you decide which cameras have the capabilities then you start looking at options and ergonomics to narrow down your choices and to finally come to a decision.  If people would look at buying a DSLR that way, I'm sure Pentax would be getting a larger share of the market then they are now.  There are a lot of great photographers who have used many systems and have come to Pentax because they love how they feel and how they are designed.

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