Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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Re: ETTR - The Quantization Levels Meme That Would Not Die

richarddd wrote:

Speaking of the relation between ISO and noise:

Somewhat counter-intuitively, for fixed aperture/shutter speed, it is best to use the highest possible ISO (without clipping highlights); this result is consistent with the ETTR philosophy, since using higher ISO pushes the histogram to the right if one thinks about things in terms of raw levels (ADU). However, the benefit from the use of higher ISO comes in the shadows, not in the highlights where "there are more levels"; to demonstrate that will require some more detailed analysis of the noise and S/N graphs on page 2.

I think that you need to understand the context of the particular section that you are reading, which - unlike the generalized textual context that I quoted - the relevance of is restricted to "ISO-full" dSLRs of a vintage largely irrelevant to modern Micro Four Thirds image-sensors ...

I fear that in the hopes of lowering Shutter Speeds, you seem somehow perhaps eternally lost in a world of false enchantments where you are merely futilely chasing the elusive mirage that a reduction of Read Noise on the order of a few tenths of electron-equivalents (past ISO=400, and most certainly past ISO=800) on the E-M5 has any substantive or useful impact whatsoever.

See: http://home.comcast.net/~NikonD70/Charts/RN_e.htm#OM-D%20E-M5_12

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