Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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size differences

ProPhotoDude wrote:

You don't seem to understand that people will take better tools for the same price even if they don't need it. The same argument was frequently made about computers for the last decade, that people don't need anything faster than what existed. Guess what, faster and better computers were manufactured and they cost the same or cheaper than those before them and people are buying them even those who don't need extra performance, but also many found that they can use that extra performance for tasks they never did before.

Amen! More will always win if the price is right... And in this case the product will not get that much bigger anyway.

The difference in size between Micro Four Thirds bodies and lenses and regular entry-level DSLRs is already alarming.

A move to FF would only make the size differences we see now bigger.

Unless some efforts are made to make the FF cameras and lenses smaller in mirorless-style, which is mentioned in this thread. But even then they'll still be bigger than equivalent models using a smaller sensor and lenses.

One size fits all? In any case, I just can't see the market accepting one-size-fits-all (in this case, FF) as long as there are noticeable body and lens size differences (as there are today).

And I just can't see manufacturers settling on one size for the whole interchangeable market. That would be ignoring huge chunks of the market who don't want to carry larger gear, let alone ignore the fact that for manufacturers it's still far more cost-effective to make smaller sensors. As smaller sensor tech improves (and it has gradually improved very much in 4 years), the need for larger sensors for decent performance will be less and less. And just like the phone market, where nobody asks about cam sensor size, many will be satsified with the photo quality of their cameras and have the convenience of a more compact size.

Parallels with computers  Sorry, I just don't see the 'people will buy more performance if they can get it' argument. Sure, to an extent. But the average person in a camera store doesn't want a huge camera (just like they would rather not lug around a huge laptop), and they still want decent quality. If they can get it, they will get it. So you see tablets and phones becoming popular (smaller than laptops but still allowing them to see enough of what they want without squinting).

They won't just go for 'pure peformance' when other physical factors are at play. If (pic) performance was the main criterion, everyone would be carrying huge glass. But just like computers, sensors are improving and so is the associated circuitry inside a camera. That can be considered performance too. And so can shrinking down the cam and lenses and improving battery life.

Basically, if computing power is increasing, and performance is increasing, size can get smaller and more practical devices can be built to cater to the growing mobile market. Cameras have always been mobile and physical size and battery constraints have always been important.

Average buyer's main motivation is not (only) 'performance' (if it means larger)  I'm imagining the average camera buyer going into the store and wanting to move the next level up in their photos; they are moving to interchangeable lenses. They see those huge honking pieces of DSLR in the store and then they see more compact and lightweight models. Many of these customers are of the female persuasion too, who generally like smaller cameras. One-size-fits-all? I don't see it happening. Smaller mirorless FF? I can see that. But one size fits all? Nah.

Here, 'good enough' will do. And this market is huge. Especially if mirorless designs can help take away a lot of the mystery and clunkiness of the DSLR and help them get on with things. I see that as a good development if they can introduce that to FF cameras.

But I don't see the whole market switching to FF cameras, barring some miracle of modern economics and changing of customer taste.

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