The Best Portrait Lenses?

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Re: The Best Portrait Lenses?

Hi Robert

It seems you don't "really" want to hear other fellows answer. That you have decided to use zooms.

I got 5 of the lenses mentioned in this thread, the 85 1.8 G, 105 2.5 AI, 105 2.5 AIS, 105 2.8 micro VR and 80-200 2.8 AF IF-ED push-pull)

The 2 105 2.5 are identical IQ-wise and mechanical-handlingwise the difference is the longer focus-throw on the ai and perhaps better coating and built-in hood on the ais.

I like the 105 micro and 85 1.8G for AF, subjectively the 85 is sharper, but probably isnt...

The 80-200 has adequate AF and nice bokeh, but is heavy.

Did I mention I bought the 85 1.8G and the two 105 2.5's for bokeh, the 80-200 for 200mm and the 105 2.8 micro for macro. And they have all good bokeh, maybe the 70-200 has better then the 80-200 and maybe the 85 1.4G (85 1.4D) has better than the 85 1.8G. But that is not from first-hand experience, since I don't own those two lenses, only from pictures seen online and other fellows reviews.

But the point is, I can ALLWAYS tell a 105 2.5 pic from the others (if shot wider than f/4.0) it just IS that legendary everybody says.

Get one - it probably will cost less than 200$ - try it. If you don´t like you can probably sell if it for the exact same amount as you paid. And there are plenty of them out there.


Peter, Denmark

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