RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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RX100 is the one IMO

Welcome to the Sony world,

You will learn plenty on the RX100, which is in no way a P&S. It is an awesome camera.

I am learning more with it than all the prior 13 years since I took up photography again in 2000 after a 30 year break. This forum is great for learning.

You will have the rx100 with you, (the best camera is the one you have with you).

It's primary limitations, compared to DSLRs, are:

1. shallow depth of field is possible, but limited, due to it's 1" sensor, big by a huge margin compared to P&S, but smaller than the NEX APS-C and RX1 FF, and DSLR full frame sensor sizes. Compare RX1 shots to rx100 shots, see many DSLR shallow depth of field. How important this might be to you???

2. lens starts at 28mm and finishes at 100mm. many prefer at least 24mm wider start, some want more zoom. This is all Sony is able to put on the rx100 body at this time. Wide is easily overcome in rx100 by using Panorama by the way. And the rx100 has 'extra zoom' capabilities, an extended optical zoom, and Clear Image Zoom. full set of rx100 zoom shots here:


Large zoom fixed lens cameras, like Sony's HX300 must have small sensors for technical reasons, and larger, non-pocketable bodies.

NEX and DSLRs let you spend money for a wider lens, and more money for a longer zoom, but, more lenses to carry around.

3. Low light of rx100 when wide is superior, no flash concert shots are amazing for instance, but, when zoomed, it is not so fast a lens any more. Not bad, just not superior. NEX and DSLR let you buy bright zoom lenses, but, now you are parting with big bucks, and carrying around a big lens along with the other two and the body, filters, batteries, flashes, etc.

Conclusion: NEX is a shoulder bag, at home or in the trunk of the car, compared to: pants pocketable rx100, which is why I say you will have the rx100 with you when you get the surprise opportunity.

Keep reading, look at sample shots, but, remember also, you are just starting, I am supposing, like me, you probably have no billable photography work to help pay for a whole DSLR system.

After a year or two with the rx100, depending on your disposable income, if you move 'up' to a full frame sensor, it is much easier to have started with a $650. rx100 than a pricier collection of a NEX body with 3 lenses, etc., and, you will still have the rx100 pocketable gem.


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