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Re: Motivation for ETTR

olliess wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

richarddd wrote:

In fact the original motivation for ETTR (giving more raw levels) was completely bogus.

The motivation for ETTR has always been to use the entire range of the sensor to record the image. No more and no less. Which is why the "optimal" exposure if you are shooting Raw (ETTR) is different from the "optimal" exposure if you are shooting JPEG (expose to minimize PP adjustments).

Take a look at the seminal article on ETTR: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/expose-right.shtml He sure seems to spend a lot of time talking about available levels

Using the "available levels" and using the entire range is exactly the same concept expressed differently.

No, it is not. The luminous-landscape article is about using a larger number of (linear) raw values, which is a different concept from using the whole dynamic range of the sensor. That both rules prescribe the same action is just a coincidence, but the predicted benefits are at opposite ends of the scale.

OK, have it your way. Using "a large number" of values from the range is different from using "the entire range".

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