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Comodo Internet Security (free version)

skyglider wrote:


I appreciate your always helpful advice. Which top 2 free AV software do you currently recommend?


I'd install the free Comodo internet Security Product.  This one:

It's got everything the $39 Comodo Internet Security 2013 Complete product has in it, except for the free online Virus Removal Help, the WiFi Trust Connect Product (which gives you a VPN for securing WiFi traffic using public hotspots), the $500 Warranty, and the 10GB of cloud storage space.

IOW, it's got the protection you need for home use at zero cost, without the extra "perks" of their paid product.

Basically, it uses a Default Deny approach to software it doesn't recognize.  So, even if their signature based detection doesn't recognize a program as malicious, it's not going to compromise your system, since Comodo is going to Sandbox it (using a virtual OS, registry, etc.) until it can be analyzed properly by their systems (at which point it will either allow the program to work outside of a sandbox, or remove it for you).

That gives you superior protection against "zero day" malware that other AV products will let through (just because the other products may not recognize it as malware yet).

Given the huge number of new malware samples being seen every day now (something like 70,000 new and unique samples by conservative estimates), I would go with a product like the one I'm suggesting instead, since *none* of them are going to recognize all new malware strains.   IOW, I'd err towards caution, and make sure new programs can't infect your system, sandboxing them instead until more complete analysis (which Comodo Internet Security does for you).

Here's a video review showing how that works:

BTW, the reviewer (who has tested lots of AV products) also uses Comodo.

You'll find the same thing with some of the other more knowledgeable reviewers of AV products.   For example, look at some of the reviews on youtube by languy99.

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