Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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Re: It's about useful comparisons - not which is better

Anders W wrote: I will be back with a reply to your entire post. But before that, it would be helpful if you could specify exactly how you ended up with these particular SNR figures. I realize, of course, that they are based on measurements from the area below the letter A of the gray scale. But exactly which area did you select in the two images (RawDigger left/top corner positions and width-height values), what sample statistics did you observe for these areas, and how did you use these statistics to compute the SNRs that you present. The reason I am asking is that the values I come up when trying to replicate what I think you did do not match yours.

Hey Anders. I did not record the exact size and position, but it was a rectangle centered in the white space with its same aspect ratio leaving quite a large margin.

These are my measurements and initial calculations. But, aside from potential cock-ups in the readings, do you agree with my methodology?

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