PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

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Re: PLease Help - Need Canvas 9.0.4 alternative

Nephew wrote:

My uncle is elderly & has been using Deneba Canvas for Years (Since v 3) and is very familiar with it. A recent MAC OS upgrade has rendered this program (v 9.0.4) NON-functional on his system. He is desperately looking for an alternative - which is the most similar. He is over 80 YO and the smoothest transition will be the best solution.

Can any one help with any recommendations of similar (look and functions) MAC programs to the now ACD canvas (windows only). He will not change OS to windoze.

Please help - Need Canvas - MAC alternative

Have you tried the last Mac version of Canvas, X.0.2?

Otherwise, if the computer has enough RAM, you could run an older version of OS X in a virtual machine (VMware Fusion, Parallels) and then run Canvas in it. The integration has really become quite good. Though, I don't know what versions of OS X can be installed in a virtual machine, it might only be Lion and Mountain Lion and Snow Leopard server. And if these OS X versions are old enough to run Canvas, I don't know.

In terms of alternatives, it depends a bit what he was doing with Canvas. For layout stuff, InDesign would be my favourite but it is naturally quite a different program with probably more complexity than Canvas. Illustrator can be used for both layout stuff and vector graphics but for layout, InDesign is easier to use. The simplest alternative for layout might be Pages (or maybe also Keynote). For vector graphics, I consider Omnigraffle the best application (much less complex than Illustrator but also more limited).

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