Breaking news! Still more on Obama's birth certificate. Just for you Cane!

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Brian D. Schneider
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Re: There is a procedure

PhD4 wrote:

Bill Randall wrote:

Who in Hawaii or what office in Hawaii?

Since eligibility to be president is a federal requirement, it seems to me someone working at the federal level should have that responsibility.

It seems like the whole Obama fiasco would make the birth certificate a more important element of the election process. Too much is just assumed.

While I'm not arguing the validity of his BC, because it may very well be legit... it sure did take him a long time to prove it.... if it is in fact proof. Who knows, or even cares at this point.

But after this, they should put more focus on the issue of birth certificates at the onset of anyone's campaign.

All this has done is prove that someone could put one over on the people and not be a citizen of the country at all. All you need is enough of the media in your pocket to scream for you.

That said... it wouldn't have stopped his supporters, there would have just been more "The Man is pickin' on him because he's black" outcry than there already was.

If he was white no-one would have questioned his birth.

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