Pentax K adapters - need advice

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Re: Pentax K adapters - need advice

Rod McD wrote:


I'm looking at using my Pentax DSLR lenses on an XE1. I have lenses both with and without an aperture ring. I know that I will need an adapter capable of operating the aperture to use the DA lenses (without the ring).

When I see photos of adapters with the aperture device, they appear just to have a ring that says something like open and close. It doesn't appear to set the aperture to a specific value. How do these work in practice - do you have fine control of the aperture or is it a bit hit and miss? How does the adapter work for lenses with different aperture ranges - eg a very fast versus very slow? Can you actually set a specific value and do you get the full range?

There are a few threads which recommend the Novoflex adapters, but there are others. Could people share the name of their success stories?

What happens if you put a lens with an aperture ring on an adapter designed for lenses without an aperture ring? Does it work or are you compelled to buy two different adapters?

Thanks. Any comments appreciated.


If your lens has an aperture ring then you don't use the one on the adapter.

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