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Re: Motivation for ETTR

Chris Noble wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

In fact the original motivation for ETTR (giving more raw levels) was completely bogus.

The motivation for ETTR has always been to use the entire range of the sensor to record the image. No more and no less. Which is why the "optimal" exposure if you are shooting Raw (ETTR) is different from the "optimal" exposure if you are shooting JPEG (expose to minimize PP adjustments).

I think you are wrong about the original motivations for ETTR.

Hmmm... not much info in that opinion Bob. Care to elaborate?

Seems Olliless and Richardd are there before me. That article, which is accepted widely as the one that communicated the delights of ETTR to the world states what I said, and not what you said, however much you might assert that what is different is in fact the same.

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