RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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Re: RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

As a learning camera the RX100 is wonderful.

I have never had more fun learning than with the RX100. I have taken perhaps 4000 shots in the last 2.5 months or so.

Precisely because of its capabilities and its limitations (which are relatively not that great), one is inspired to get the best out of this little "wonderchild". I have a NEX 5N and I use full manual for both with optional manual focus switchable for each shot. Both are setup similarly with focus peaking, and histogram views to try and optimise exposure.

On both i can quickly check blinkies post shot and retake if not satisfied. On the PA&S modes i guess they are similar. And creative modes, perhaps the RX100 even has the edge with it's delightful in camera Illustration and Watercolour modes.

So... If you want something to LEARN on, then the RX100 will provide you with much scope AND be genuinely a pocketable take anywhere camera and have great potential for great shots too!

You maybe will miss out more on the advanced shooting, however with better bokeh and of course the lens options the NEX 5R will give you.

Ah... its difficult. If I was into lenses and their finer use, then i would say get the 5R to really learn; but then again if you will then put the 5R to one side after a few weeks, and dust it off only occasionally for "events" then perhaps you are better with the RX100

I have been through all phases, and currently am truly enjoying the RX100 to be able to provide me with spur of the moment great image capture which before was never available.

As an example; on the walk back from taking son to  school this morning I had the RX100 with me as ever and got these images. Would have never been taken, I guarantee, if not for the RX100.

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