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gdecourt wrote:


I'm new to photography, and considering to take it as a hobby. I always had simple/standard P&S compact cameras, but I wasn't satisfied with the quality, so I decided to invest some money to get a better camera.

I'm in doubt If I should go with the RX100 or one of the Alphas NEX in the same price range (NEX-F3 or NEX-5R). Reading all the reviews I conclude that the RX100 seems to be a VERY nice camera, but I'm wondering If its flexibility would be too limited when compared to the Alphas - considering I'm planning to engage in this hobby.

My main uses would be for travel pictures, so as the RX100 is compact it's an edge for this model, but my main concern is about the flexibility/ potential limitation. Basically the question is If the RX100 would give me room to learn and improve, or would it be more like a "super standard camera", thus the Alpha would be more suitable.

Many thanks!!

To avoid confusion, it's best to call a NEX a NEX, not an Alpha, as there are other, larger Alpha cameras.

I have both an RX100 and a couple of NEXes, and they complement each other. Both have a similar feature set, but the NEX is larger, ultimately capable of better image quality and can have different lenses. I use the RX100 when travelling light, but my NEX-7 when I want the best quality. The RX100 shouldn't be thought of as a simple P&S, as it's not at its best when used in auto mode. Most serious users don't go near the iAuto setting.

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