Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Quick correction.

texinwien wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

However, it is interesting and (would be useful feedback if I were still doing this) that you looked for additional meaning in it. It reinforces the use of the very simple first version for the terms introduction

I just don't see that at all. It seems to me that it reinforces the the fact that the triangle isn't a good indicator for anything. Reading this topic brought to mind my first meeting with this triangle, back when I first started reading about digital photography, going on a dozen years ago.

It was nothing but confusing to me, because, why use a triangle with these arrows going different directions if there's actually not a correlation to be drawn from the three sides of the triangle.

I mean, I knew that there was some kind of relationship between the three things on the triangle, but it's a fool's errand to look at the triangle and try to figure that relationship out.

that's why the triangle makes no sense at all.

I don't know what you'd like to hear in response to that.

As I just wrote in another response:

my first version is simplified and used for intros, my version of this one is used for recap, and it worked well. The only significance of the triangle is that the capture encompasses these three settings and nobody on the course had a problem understanding that. Perhaps you had to be there.

It is a risk in teaching that some students become over-dependant on the aids. This is something I try to discourage. We don't have the aids on the field trips, just the cameras, the assignments, lot's of practice, and me to help. So over-dependancies doesn't really occur in this context. But did I mention is does work well as a recap aid?

There's really nothing more to say on the matter. I used it, it worked, people were happy, people didn't get confused.

What would you like me to say, that it didn't work? Forget that, it's probably irrelevant as the response is obvious. The students were happy because they don't know any better. Yes I'm a cruel evil man and have destroyed them for life and am going to go to hell.

But I don't see it that way. They enjoyed the course, they took control of their cameras, and they completed the assignments and they made some great photos that they hadn't made before.


Surely time to stop posting


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