Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Quick correction.

Najinsky wrote:

However, it is interesting and (would be useful feedback if I were still doing this) that you looked for additional meaning in it. It reinforces the use of the very simple first version for the terms introduction

I just don't see that at all. It seems to me that it reinforces the the fact that the triangle isn't a good indicator for anything. Reading this topic brought to mind my first meeting with this triangle, back when I first started reading about digital photography, going on a dozen years ago.

It was nothing but confusing to me, because, why use a triangle with these arrows going different directions if there's actually not a correlation to be drawn from the three sides of the triangle.

I mean, I knew that there was some kind of relationship between the three things on the triangle, but it's a fool's errand to look at the triangle and try to figure that relationship out.

that's why the triangle makes no sense at all.

and would also warrant a mention in the recap version that the placement is not indicative of anything, just using a triangle to show the capture is encompassed by the three setting.

Generally, graphs and graphical illustrations are indicative of something. They're usually used when a graphical illustration of a concept may be easier to understand than a purely textual explanation of one.

To use a graphical illustration in which the placement of the various things is indicative of nothing (random?) is, I believe, completely unnecessary, misleading and confusing to anyone who is a 'visual learner'.

All at once or nothing at all?

We really have three choices here - incorrect, correct and nothing at all. If I must choose between what you're showing and nothing at all, I will have to choose nothing. I think being ignorant is preferable to being educated stupid (to use an old internet meme).

Simply give them the camera, let them play around with the settings on it, and I think they're more likely to learn what the different things do by practice (if encouraged to practice) than if they're first taught nonsense that they must later unlearn.


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