Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Quick correction.

richarddd wrote:

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bobn2 wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

But later in the course when the different values have become much more familiar, it evolves into something much closer to this as, a recap aid:

from www.wired.com

You've labelled the "ISO' side back to front.

Of course, some techies are, others aren't. The real 'dismissive, aloof and intolerant' attitude is 'I don't know this, so there is no reason any beginner should need to'.

Keep trying, I'm still not biting to that one

I put a little sugar on it to make it more palatable.

Are you sure it was sugar and not cocain, because with my eyes I can still see the "from www.wired.com"? And they labeled it accordance with what the eye sees in the JPEGs produced when beginners take pictures.

f/22 should be high noise and 1 sec should be low noise.

More light on the sensor means lower noise and less light means more noise

This is true whether or not you're a beginner and whether or not you're shooting jpegs

There is no intention to correlate the different sides with each other into a reference or guide by their positioning along the sides. It looks to me like they have simply gone left to right going small to large values.

However, it is interesting and (would be useful feedback if I were still doing this) that you looked for additional meaning in it. It reinforces the use of the very simple first version for the terms introduction, and would also warrant a mention in the recap version that the placement is not indicative of anything, just using a triangle to show the capture is encompassed by the three setting.

This is the point you will never be able to let go of. Your insistence that an exposure triangle diagram must be trying to convey technical exposure, despite repeatedly being inform from those using them it is simply a communication aid to the three settings the camera uses for capturing images, and especially relevant for beginners. See how wired also made the triangle green, like the auto symbol the camera, nice touch that.

What damage do you fear would be done by conceding that the above is in fact a relevant communication aid?

That, as written, it suggests ISO is the sole determinant of noise and doesn't communicate the effect of aperture and shutter speed on noise

Correct. It's a simplification. But surely that only gives more credence to considering the values as a trio. But it does get discussed when talking about how to reduce noise on night scenes and if their camera has a long exposure noise reduction feature. I use some shots of the Perseid meteor shower to show this, taken with and without  LENR, and then explain how I missed the best meteor while it was taking the second black exposure.

All at once or nothing at all?

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