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Re: Not completely without blame...

Mike Walters wrote:

Software manufacturers are businesses and their prime reason for existence is to make money from selling products.


(Although one would hope that the underlying motivation for creating the software is to be helpful and/or solve a given problem.)

The reason for license activation is NOT so that they have the last say in whether something works, it is to stop software piracy and to protect their revenues.

It does not matter what the reason is, the fact is that they DO make the ultimate decision. The fact is that the byer has to ask for permission AFTER money has changed hands. That is a revolting concept, no matter what the purpose is. The end does not always justify the means.

So no, you are not right.

So no, you completely missed the point.

Furthermore, you are an example of what is wrong with the world. You do not fight for you rights, instead you accept whatever the powerful tell you as the truth.Only if people push back in all matters and fight for right versus wrong can the world improve. Everyone of us is responsible.

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