Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Quick correction.

Dennis wrote:

rrr_hhh wrote:

And in what will this help a beginners who is complainng that his action shots are blurred ? That his night shots are so grainy/noisy ? That he can't isolate his wife against he background ? Or that he isn't able to get the whole rose sharp from the front petal to the back ?

BTW with respect to other post you wrote : one doesn't teach photography like one teach programming. For programming you use a language, whole for photography you use a tool. The second doesn't imply the same level of abstraction, so you can proceed in a more pragmatically way.

In the context of this discussion, at least, where the debate seems to be between the "teach 'em the technicalities" or "teach 'em exposure triangle because it's simple for beginners", I think that whether you're talking programming or photography or anything else, you can teach for understanding or you can teach simple "how to" steps.

The latter gets people out & productive in short order. The former provides a foundation on which to grow. Personally, I can figure out most anything if I can gain an understanding; if I don't or can't gain that understanding, I won't remember the how-to steps long after I leave the class, and will lose my cheat sheet and be back to square one. As a result, I tend to advocate teaching for understanding.

I think too much (adult) education is geared toward instant gratification; step by step to solve this problem, "top ten tips", but no foundation to solve the next problem. I'm not sure whether it's because it's easier to teach or because the consumers want that instant gratification. I can see a market-based reason for suggesting that exposure be taught a certain way, but that doesn't make it inherently better.

I think that the teaching has to be adapted to the kind of students you have in your class : you don't teach to a photo hobbyist in the same way you would teach to a student learning photography at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).

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