Coming back to Nex system...6 or 7 based on current pricing?

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Re: Coming back to Nex system...6 or 7 based on current pricing?

joe talks photography wrote:

I was an early adopter of the Nex 5 and later the 5n. The cost of the evf moved me off the system after the Nex 7 was delayed.

?? the EVF is a lot less than the Nex-7 ??

I guess that you are saying the another brand camera with EVF was available, and no Nex camera - at that time.

My sole issue at this point is Nex 6 v 7. Various configurations can be had for about the same price.


I have done a little research and that shows slight edge to 7 with IQ.

Not true.

If high-ISO and the 7 images are down-sampled, than your statement is true, but if low ISO, the 7 has a significant (resolution/detail) edge over almost any (16Mp) APS-C camera out there.

but it comes with the magenta cast issue for many WA lenses.

I get it that the Nex 6 is has some improvements, even advantages over the 7 (aside from some navigational controls)

PDAF + WiFi can be a big or a small deal - that depends on your needs and usage.

The navigation controls of the 6 and 7 are not that dissimilar, unless you shoot in M mode. In M mode, the 7 gives you direct button control to all essential parameters.

Assuming that the image quality is the about the same,

Depends on your needs - printsize? monitor usage? You may be satisfied with 16Mp images with both camera (ie. always downsample the Nex-7). But you can crop more on a Nex-7 with low ISO images.

which would be the recommended selection you would make based on your own readings and/or experience.

The Nex-6 is a more all-around camera, and is 'sufficient' for a majority of scenarios, it already includes the PDAF, handles RF lenses nicer, and cost less.

If pro-use is on the menu, consider the Nex-7.

I am leaning towards the 7 with the 2 Sigma lens($199 deal) or the 6, kit lens and 2 Sigma lens deal.

If you order the Nex-6 with 16-50 kit lens, it is the best deal. Then add the 2 Sigma lenses.

The other way to go is to wait for the Nex-7N announcement, next month?, for used Nex-7 prices to drop, and then search for a discounted used Nex-7 body, and add the Sigma lenses. In this case, I'd also pick up a used 18-55 lens.

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