iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

uniball wrote:

I've been doing this for 3+ years on trips that range from 3 to 4 months.

As others have pointed out, there's no compression of the images using the cck.

The only suggestion I would add is forget about uploading to DB. Its more a hassle than anything else. DB speeds can get quite slow at times, wifi may be spotty, if even available. At a practical level I found it did not work for me in Europe. This year I will be doing Thailand and Panang. Based on my last trip there good wifi speeds are not readily available. At our son's home in Europe there's a 100mb fibre line and uploading to DB was painful even on that.

One thing everyone seems to have overlooked is there are always computers readily available. I have never had an issue borrowing a computer for 5 minutes to offload iPad images to cards. Hotels typically have them in their lobbies, people one meets along the way, computer stores, hot spots, to name a few. On a Win box, Windows Explorer, on a Mac, Image Capture. If you're anal about backup's, use two cards and mail one back home.

For me your approach has worked well. I've gone from a 64 gb iPad 1 to a 32 gb iPad 3 and now a 64 gb iPad mini for this year's trip. I have found leaving 10 gb free on the iPad is all I need. Leaves plenty of space for other content and offloading has always been available.

I've been extremely satisfied with this approach. I shoot Fuji X-Trans in r+j as Apple does not support X-Trans raw. Just make sure your nef jpeg previews can display in the iPad and you can shoot raw only.

Thank you all for your insightful advice, I really appreciate it! I was considering the Hyperdrive, but was a little iffy by how expensive it is. That is, until I saw that Dbliftboy linked this:

I am very interested in seeing how this will perform. I don't think I'd mind not having a screen, I just need storage, while sending them to my iPad for viewing.

The only problem I can see with this is lack of dedicated SD card slot, getting photos from my camera, to the drive.

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