Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: Quick correction.

Najinsky wrote:

I also don't really buy into the unlearning argument in this context.

If they stay in your course, or else take another course, and the teacher explains to them that what they have been taught previously is simply a collection of shortcuts that are not really correct, and that they will now need to put aside those incorrect shortcuts in order to learn how things really work, it's possible that 'unlearning' may proceed smoothly.

However, if they leave your class and do not take another class, and come into contact with other photographers or even photographic experts who know the correct principles, our novice photographers are likely to argue with their 'betters' in a way that makes the relationship difficult for everyone.

First, a novice will not simply throw away the knowledge that he has internalized because someone tells him it is all false. Most people don't seem to react well to hearing that what they believe or what they have been taught and internalized was actually an oversimplification and also not factually correct.

Then begins the dance, as the novice, who is not informed enough to recognize expertise, anyway, tries to determine whether the expert who is asking him to throw out all that he's learned, is actually qualified to tell him that. The frustrated expert, having been here before, may not have the patience to help the novice out. It's important to realize that both the novice and the expert will have to feel each other out - the expert will have to know where to start explaining things, and the novice will have to decide whether he even wants to listen.

Furthermore, some will be stuck between the level of novice and expert. They will think that they have 'unlearned' the incorrect information and properly internalized the correct information, but they are, most likely, not qualified to make that judgment. They may claim that they have moved squarely out of the novice field and stop responding to criticisms from actual experts who try to tell them otherwise. Seriously, if this sort of misdirection is not part of a guaranteed teaching progression where a novice who has not passed all of the exams or taken all of the classes can be told with authority that he needs to finish the classes and pass the exams before arguing about the subject at hand, it's simply a teaching technique that is asking for unnecessary trouble.

Look, as I see it, far too many people are stuck with thinking errors here, and many of them are likely to never make it past those errors. I believe this is the cost of teaching them incorrect shortcuts at first when there is no guarantee that they will continue their course of learning and be taught to discard those fallacious shortcuts by an expert whom they already trust.


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