rx100 the one to beat?

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AdamT wrote:

. But it has probably cost Sony no more in R&D to produce this camera that say the first HX models.

not in R&D but parts , especially the sensor, likely a lot more.. the sensor is only used in this one camera but the smaller and larger ones are used in numerous cameras from a number of makers. so actual production cost of the RX100 will be high relative to the sector the cam belongs in (the canon S90, nikon P300 sector)

Hmm. I imagine the first BSI sensor required more R&D than the RX100 sensor which is conventional CMOS, albeit the latest version. Surely when Sony produce a new size sensor they don't normally expect to recoupe their costs on just one model, but project their returns on likely sales to other manufacturers over few years?

If that is the case, then perhaps Sony have very few forward orders for this sensor size and you are right, otherwise they are just being a little greedy with no competition.

Either way, they will not get my sale until prices drop. I'm sure I'm not the only one that balances value for money when buying a camera.


PS Anyone know unit costs of small sensors - £20-£50???

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