DAM software replacement for IDImager

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Re: DAM software replacement for IDImager

fuego6 wrote:

Zoner free seems worth a try, does anyone know if it has geotagging?

Yes, you can assign GPS data or plot a location on Google earth.

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Agree.. and it is very well done too. To be honest - I think it is a really top notch program and the Pro version that I have is well worth the extra $$$.

The only thing to keep in mind with regard to your keyword questions - is how programs handle XMP. Most of these program will claim to support XMP.. but they do not show the data within the software. So, you can't see XMP:DC:Photoshop nor can you make edits to it. For that - Photo Supreme is still.. supreme and really the only program that I trust these days for that type of work.

Unfortunately, your hierarchical keywords will still be written out as flat keywords to basic IPTC (since that field is just a flat list) and most software/websites will still only read from EXIF/IPTC. Zoner supports Xmp in a similar way but does not support hierarchical keywords - they do not read seperators and create keywords for assignment nor do they write out the keyword hierarchy... kinda stupid if you ask me but so be it. Lr will handle hierarchical keywords correctly - IPTC gets the end keyword (unless you force parents as well) and the XMP gets the hierarchy..

I'm beginning to rethink my use of hierarchical anyway... hasn't caught on in the world and honestly - there are very few times when I really need my keywords to be that distinct (I don't have many duplicates that get lost in translation). I also made the mistake of writing the entire hierarchy into my IPTC keywords for movement from Idimager to LR... so now, I have Object|Car in there instead of just Car. Not a major deal.. and when these are read into a program like Zoner - the hierarchy is sort of recreated.. .but the keyword list gets super long because there is not way to tell zoner to create the hierarchy based on the field.. .and even if I create an XML file to import the keywords and break them... Zoner won't write a hierarchy back out to IPTC (need to see what it does with XMP).

Anyway ... hope this helps!

To be entirely honest the hierarchical keywords thing isn't as much for Flickr publishing as it is for search functionality.

For instance, I'd actually prefer it if not all keyword levels get published to the file (either flat IPTC or XMP). I have a structure right now like:

Photo Type



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So I don't want the IPTC to have the keyword tag Photo Type, but do want Water, Waterfalls, Ocean, etc. I think one of the nicest things about IDImager was that I could individually choose which keyword gets published to the IPTC/XMP. The photo type header was more a way for me to be able to search my photos quickly (Oh I need a water picture, let's search for keyword water). On Flickr I'd prefer that both water and waterfall show up so I guess I'd want both to be published to the IPTC to get read by Flickr.

I just want a program that makes the process to go from images to Flickr/email faster and easy. My friends are waiting on photos from trips 3 years ago! Without GPS Supreme just isn't my choice. Looks like Lightroom and Zoner are worth they try, though does anyone out there know how Zoner deals with hierarchical in XMP as per fuego's comment?



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