Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

However, I think you lose credibility when you assert that Pentax makes odd focal lengths for the purpose of avoiding comparison. First of all, since you haven't sat in on the planning meetings at Pentax, you cannot make that statement with any authority.

I dont think anyone reading my post would get the impression that I purport to have inside information on pentax marketing strategy. It is rather obvious that it is my assessment based what I see. Having a different assessment based on the same fact hardly makes anyone "lose creditably", otherwise half of our parliamentarians should be thrown out.

But also, your comment above shows that you have at least some misunderstanding about Pentax lenses. The 43mm is a full-frame lens designed for film, so it makes no sense to use it as an example of an odd focal length by noting its crop-factor field of view.

You are correct, I did not realise 43mm is a FF lens. At 43mm however, I stand by my earlier assessment, it is an unusual FL.

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