Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

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Re: Canon is about to launch super small DSLR. Implications for next Oly E?

Hi All

The EOS has landed

I guess the new Oly E has already been designed and is launching this year regardless of the new competitive landscape.

Time will tell....

I still have 4/3 lenses that I hope I can use on a new Oly body and would like Olympus to do well. I'm hoping that the new "EOS-b" can generate new interest in small sized DSLR and that could help Oly--if the new E is on the small size, like an E-520 size. Then Oly would have a high end, small-size offering that could possibly coattail off Canon's marketing for the EOS-b.

Optimistic, but I agree...

Here comes the brown and sticky stuff...

Olympus has always taken pride in its miniaturization capabilities.

Canon has destroyed one of Olympus's U.S.P.s, this new body is smaller and lighter than both the E-420 and E-450. Upto now the worlds smallest dSLR's and the logical feeder path into the 4/3rds system.

I still remember what a breakthrough design the E-410 was, when it appeared. I hope Olympus can deliver an E-520 form factor with the new high end E.

Agree, but unless Olympus are quick to announce a new 400 series successor ALL this years small dSLRs buyers will have been seduced by Canon's marketing machine. Olympus "dreams" will be going head to head with Canon's reallity............

I know others would disagree on this.

My thoughts are not yet concrete, still in flux.........



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