Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

35 MM is a MYTH. It is no more the ideal size than m4/3, medium format, 1", or any other sensor size. It is not THE format based on merit of any kind- it is merely the de facto format, clung to by brands like Canon and Nikon who benefit most from clinging to the past- if nothing changes, their leadership in the camera industry remains unchanged. For those brands, old is good, and 35mm is old.

35mm may not possess any special physical character that would make it better or worse than other format but by virtual of being the most popular legacy format, it has come to possess a strong advantage. it is the largest sensor that any camera currently makes using modern CMOS technology and is used in SLr bodies with good AF. you simply cannot buy anything other than 35mm if you want the ultimate low light capability and good AF. Currently no Medium format camera is any good at low light and they all sport pretty backward AF system. Most high end lenses are also designed for 35mm. for example you cannot buy a F1.4 lens with 24mm FOV for APs-C.

Right now, 35mm does have technical advantages over m4/3, but sensor tech will inevitably improve, and those advantages will matter less and less.

These advantages did not matter since day one for those who did not care, and will continue to matter for those who do care. The difference in IQ will always be constant. People used to shoot FF at iso 3200 and m43 was only good at iso 800, nowadays they shoot FF at 12800 and m43 is only good at iso 3200.

Ultimately, the only difference that may remain constant is DOF. Some prefer the thin DOF offered by full frame, but others actually prefer wider DOF, and for them, m4/3 will always be better in that respect.

No, m43 is not "better at wider DOF". With 35mm you have the option of having narrow DOF, but you can have wide DOF if you wanted. you can have any DOF that is available to M43 and IQ will be no worse.

As time marches on and sensor tech advances, it is the SMALLER format that will become more accepted as being good enough by a wider range of users, not the larger.

We are already there.Today more than 80% of all photographs are taken by smart phone cameras. My view is that the better smart phone cameras get, the less demand there is for the "in-between" cameras. low end P&S is already getting killed off, next in line to face extinction is perhaps "premium compact" - like LX7 and XZ-2. M43 is borderline "in-between".

At one point, 35mm WAS the smaller format. Now, we have progressed. 35 mm is the older, larger format. So where do we stand?

35mm happens to be the equilibrium point of strong demand and feasible manufacture. 645 format may also be desirable but lens cost and sensor cost are way to prohibitive. most hobbyist in western country can justify spending 1000-2000 dollars a year and at this level affording FF is not difficult, but at this level you cannot buy into 645 format.

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