X100 vs Sony RX-100

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Re: X100 vs Sony RX-100

I have X-E1 and RX-100

Mr first reply to you is that RX-100 feels digital however it is very handy too.

Whereas X-E1 feels like between digital and DSLR. Also it is very handy.

Holding X-E1 is a better feeling

RX-100 is really compact

I think RX100 is superior to X100 in many terms, only it falls short for high ISO low light photography, but it is still the best within its huge sensor and sized compacts with 1.8f lens...

In terms of still photo quality... RX-100 gains from its higher pixel count. However X-E1 gives more smooth and natural looking photos I think.. Sony give a bit digitally cooked/processed image.. same case for NX5 also..

If you ask me RX-100 is more useful than X100 in terms of travel photography.

Yes X100 gives a photography feeling but RX-100 advantages are winning..

Like it has a focal range with a good zoom and additional effective digital zoom versus X100 fixed focal range..

RX-100 has a superior vidoe, lets you control aperture with optical stabilization! - clear winner

Higher pixel is useful for later on crops in PC. Especially for travel it is useful, sometimes you can't give attention to frame..

RX100 has EXTREMELY useful DR adjustments on camera which lets you to highlight the shadows very efficiently for certain light conditions.... very very effective.. this is not there with X-100.. yes you can highlight shadows in menu bu not to extent of RX and RX makes these things in a quick accesible ready menu adjustments like DR1-2-3-4-5.. this is a very useful for street photography especially day time..

You can charge RX100 via usb anywhere or direct charging via any mobile charger.. it is great advantage while travelling.. you can refresh your battery in a car within a hour via cars usb or easy power exit..

As a result, if I travel I prefer RX100, it is a must!

I would go X100s or X-E1 instead.. X100 is not uptp RX-100


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