Are video game grabs/screenshots ever to be considered photography?

Started Mar 17, 2013 | Questions thread
Pat Curley Senior Member • Posts: 1,066
Re: Its not photography but composition is possible...

I agree with you. To me, photographs are made by recording light, either on film or with an image sensor. It requires some artistic endeavour in terms of composition etc and technical competence in terms of choosing exposure etc, even if this only means setting the selector to automatic. A screengrab does not fit into this definition.

The attached image was also 'created' as a screengrab - How many people out of 100 would consider it to be a photograph?

Pat C

I'd agree this shouldnt be considered photography but I'd argue there is potential for artistic composition beyond the intensions of a maker of a game.

And I wouldn't argue this point.  I assume the image can be photoshopped at will.   But that doesn't change one fact: the starting point is the artistic/technical work of a third party who, presumably, has asserted copyright over his/her work.   In my opinion, there is a big moral, ethical and legal question here.

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