Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

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Re: Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

I started out with a 550D a few years ago and I've acquired a few lenses since then including a couple of L lenses. I remember one trip to Singapore, walking around with camera and most of my lenses in a 7 Million Dollar Home bag in 35degC heat, what a day! Since then I began to travel lighter with usually only one lens which worked out fine.

Last year I purchased an Olympus OM-D E-M5 and have really been enjoying using it, especially when travelling, I didn't get the kit lens, I started with the 45 f1.8 and have since added the 17 f1.8, the E-M5 & 45mm lens take some fantastic shots.

I still use both systems but have always wanted a FF DSLR, especially since it will give me a Micro Adjust feature which I need for my 35L. I considered the 5DIII but I don't need that, fantastic camera but much more than I need so I have been seriously considering the 6D, great size, IQ and low light performance.

So in a nutshell, I love using the m43 but I also want to add a FF DSLR and that should make extremely happy, I won't part with the E-M5 and my wife will probably end up using the 550D.

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