Aperture/focusing distance changes at different FL for zoom lenses?

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Re: Aperture/focusing distance changes at different FL for zoom lenses?

Strange, since most af zoom lenses I´ve had the opportunity to use have hade exactly the same minimum focus distance at all focal lenghts (Olympus, Nikon, Canon, a few others, and in Oly both m4/3 and regular 4/3)

Really? I've never had a zoom with a constant minimum focusing distance throughout. At the wide end they always focus closer.

I note, by that, you have never owned a Zuiko Digital zoom (?)

I have only owned 5 Zuiko Digital zooms, and one Micro Zuiko Digital zoom. The Micro was the one that had variable minimum focus distance (the 12-50/3,5-6,3)

A number of Canon, Nikon, Tokina, Sigma to note most of what I have owned, have most of them had fixed minimum focal distance. Max one or two of the AF-lenses, but more or most of the older, manual focusing, lenses I´ve owned did have variable minimum focusing distance, though.

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