Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

Why criticize Pentax for having a 50-135mm f2.8?

I am not criticising Pentax for having it. I am just saying pentax goes out its way to make lenses of unconventional FL to avoid comparison.

You may be saying it but that doesn't make it true.  For FF 35mm film 70-200 is a common zoom range developed over the years because it suits a lot of photographic needs for different filds of view.

Crop sensors see a reduced FOV for a given FLs so Pentax - very sensibly and without reference to what other makers do - produced a lens with comparable FOV.  This is not being different for difference's sake - it's a unique attempt to consider the needs of its users rather than just turning out the same old stuff.

Ditto with the 55/1.4, which replicates the FOV of the traditional 85mm portrait lens.

The 43/1.9 was designed to have the same FL as the image circle of FF 35mm lenses, making it - by a common definition of the term - the only true "normal" lens.  Again, this was designed for the benefit of users.

The FA 31, 43 and 77 are widely regarded as among the very best lenses produced.  If Pentax designed them of unconventional FL to avoid comparison it was to save other makers embarrassment, not because Pentax was afraid of being compared.  But, of course, such comparisons weren't really in mind.

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