Aperture/focusing distance changes at different FL for zoom lenses?

Started Mar 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
BBbuilder467 Senior Member • Posts: 2,616
14-45 & 45-200

My 14-45 focuses at 30 CM easily at any focal length and down to f/22. The 45-200 focus at 1 meter regardless of the focal length and aperture. Actually less if I get particular. I'm measuring to the tripod mount. Both focus at the minimum focus distance advertised.

I can get a little closer than the minimum spec at wide end of the 45-200, but the minimum listed matches the long end.

They can miss a target and get lost if the subject is close and you don't pay attention, but I've never had a real problem getting the minimum focus distance at any focal length if the subject is solid, not like a tree branch or bush that it can see through or past, and there is some contrast.

The 14-45 is f/3.5 at 14, f/4 at 18, f/4.9 at 25, f/5.5 at 35 and f/5.6 at 40.

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